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Many people believe they have the ability to earn money writing, and believe this even more when they learn that you can make money writing online, when people begin to find out this possibility of a sudden all believe they have talent as a writer.Writing course not only make money online, you can also win real-life writing, that if the Internet provides many positive aspects and benefits, for example on the Internet you can be your own editor, you can publish when you want it you want, and also can save a lot of privacy, meaning that if you want no one knows which one is the one writing.

If you think you can make a living writing then I'll give you a few ideas to get you started from today.

Make Money Writing on the Internet

- Create a blog: This is the best way to make money writing from my point of view, write about what you want, whenever qiueras write, publish when you want, and items do not have to be so long, ie no you have to become an accomplished writer and you can expect to earn more money than most professional writers, you can earn money for clicks on ads like google adsense, you can promote products or services from affiliate programs, you can sell advertising space directly, and so on.The possibilities are endless.

- Create an e-book: You can create a book about what you want, a manual, a guide, and so on. And you can sell a digital version is an ebook, you can take to Clickbank to promote and sell other people your book you just have to write, you can also sell on sites that specialize in selling electronic books for Amazon, for ebay, etc..

- Write web 2.0 sites: There are several sites that let you earn money writing articles for free, several examples are squidoo, hubpages, globedia, etc..

- Work freelance writer: Offer your services via the web to get hired to write articles, ebooks, or whatever.

Earn money writing in the real world

- Write a book that can then be published by a publisher. This option requires great professionalism and great virtue.

- Write for a magazine or a newspaper. Also requires much preparation, professionalism and experience, but it can get.

- Write tests for students. Many students of different levels have problems writing long essays, most are willing to pay money for someone to make them.

There are many options but certainly the best are in the network, I recommend that if you want to earn money writing the best you can do is create a blog, you can do without spending a penny on blogger.com to go gain experience. Luck!
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