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Chitika PPC Ad Program

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Make Money with Chitika PPC CPC Ad Program and get approved easily
This is very good news for bloggers who wants to earn money from Adsense alternatives. Now, blogger publisher may easily be approved to join Chitika. Chitika now has three types of ads: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. While Gold is reserved for the large top 500 websites, Silver is for ordinary blogger like you and me. So, get ready to join Chitika before the offer gone.

1. Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select
2. How to Join Chitika
3. Chitika Affiliate Referral Program
4. Payment Proof
5. Chitika Minimum Payout

1. What’s Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select?
Chitika now is introducing PPC / CPC (Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click) program called Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select. While Chitika Premium accept traffics only from Canada and USA and the traffic should come from search engine, Chitika | Select functions as an alternative when Chitika Premium is not showing.

2. How to Join Chitika

I.  Visit Chitika Sign Up Page to Register
II . Fill out the form and follow the registsration process.
III. Create ad code and put into your website / blog.

3. Chitika Affiliate Referral Program

Once you have created a Chitika account, you’re qualified to join the affiliate / referral program. The referral links are there in your Chitika admin panel.
There are two types of Chitika Referral Program: Publisher Referral Program and Advertiser Referral Program.
I. Publisher Referral Program
You’ll earn 10% of what your referrals earn – the more friends you refer, the more you make!
You’re suitable to earn commissions for each referral for 15 months following each referral’s approval date.
II. Advertiser Referral Program
Earn $25.00 once your advertiser referral reaches $100.00 spent in their ad campaign.
There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can earn referral commission from.
If you have not joined Chitika yet,  join it here.

4. Chitika Payment Proof
Chitika is a big company, compared by many as competitor to Adsense. There is no need for publisher to doubt its credibility. That’s said here’s the payment proof if you are still in doubt.

5. Chitika Minimum Payout
Payments are sent out monthly via PayPal when your balance crosses $10. If you prefer to get paid by Check minimum balance must be greater than $50.
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Ureka IT said...

Nice outlook and good content. I see here the information which I was looking for online earning suggestion. I have to come back here again and again for my need.

jabed said...

Thank you Ureka IT, and you are most welcome in this site

SEO said...

There are all rules of chitika on their web site. But the re-written article express the all the policy in short and easily. Time saving article. search engine optimization rankings

jhonswift said...

Can anyone tell me how reliable the chittika regarding payment? house designs

SEO said...
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Sultana said...

Its a great substitute of adsense.
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