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The Best Way to Make Money Online

I know most people interested in learning how to make money online the first thing to do research on the subject and the possibilities of this idea is to perform a search on any search engine, usually Google, and what you usually find are sites where they are taught or which promote ways to make money not very effective or realistic. You really believe that they will get rich doing clicks, browsing, reading emails, or for real money? Believe they can create a truly lasting business model in the wake of these opportunities? I do not think so!

To begin with most PTC and PTR are scams, gambling money is not good usually lost everything you have, the Forex can work if you are a very disciplined and diligenete, and also a person with expertise in the financial area, if not forget it's like you're betting, plus the latter two require investment opportunities. The PTC, the PTR, and earn money for surfing are opportunities that are free so not worth the time and effort invested, or is that just in case you do not read those blogs that show evidence of payment from Neobux, bux.to, is-easy, or biengpagado in which bloggers complain all the time were slow to pay it after you quinentos thousand clicks, visiting more than thirty thousand websites and read two hundred thousand emails, and say "finally received my payment of bux.to or is-easy and here is the proof of payment! $ 2.05 USD! "? How sad!

The best way to earn money online is by creating a blog, so your intention is to make e-commerce, creating a web store, make money with adsense, sell affiliate programs, generate referrals or any CPA affiliate program, all you can do through a blog or a website. It is preferable to a blog because a blog can create hundreds of thousands of content rich web pages focusing on hundreds or thousands of keywords thus generating much more traffic and money than it can generate a traditional website, and Web pages that are usually more static sites with little content.

Another advantage of blogging is that you can create them without spending a dime and very easy, and advantageous. Ventjosa? If you created a blog on blogger.com, have the advantage that the free blogs are indexed quickly and positioned in the search engines also with great speed, in most highly competitive niche with the most competitive keywords you can find a blogspot blog on the first page and often in the first place. Also you can create Web pages for free or you can create wordpress blogs hosted for free, using some free hosting service and also using free domains, but this option is much more complicated and requires technical knowledge, which is why I recommend Blogger is free, easy to use, everything is ready, just to create a title for your blog and start writing. You may wonder, why not if squidoo hubpages squidoo or hubpages are free and also, well indexed and positioned quickly? Just because you share your profits with them, you lose a lot of money, whereas with blogger blogs you keep all the money from Adsense, all the money from the products or services of the affiliate programs which you registered , of Kontera or Infolinks clicks, etc..

This is the most honest I can be, this is the best way to earn money online pot, if you do not believe me, then do not, but believe me the difference between this and other opportunities is abysmal, I receive the payment are in the order of thousands of dollars a month and that's just in Adsense, I have not introduced or advertising Kontera or Infolinks as text or programs affiliated with any of my websites in cualos won good money and I have a lot of traffic . I'm being honest thing does almost any blogger blogs in Spanish. Through this business model is to be achieved independence, the people who say Become your own boss or earn money while you sleep, it does so by creating enduring businesses, businesses that manage to create sustainable development and more sustainable development and growth of the internet?

I teach them how to do it and I will give clues to solve the mystery because google will not let me learn all about how to do this, I can recommend sites where they can learn what I learned through experience, to learn more fast and not waste time or money, places where teachers teach web positioning them exactly what I was and what I do, I do not know the I can say absolutely everything in this blog ARRIVE not position myself as a google maybe not like it, but the pages of which I speak does not depend on organic traffic, meaning that they do not care to reveal the real secrets or legal tricks, because I will never send to places where they do not teach techniques are frowned upon or accepted by them to be punished some day and I do that I will esneƱar least that sort of thing!

This blog will be an amazing guide that if I guarantee you, if they be analytic can discover everything they need right here without spending a penny on online schools simply will have to decrypt the information, which is easy for any reader but not a machine. I will recommend great tools, mostly free, but some not, some that cost some money because I have to recomendarselas are very good, such as SEO Elite by Brad Callen is a tool that every SEO should have.

Just remember that the best way to make money online is by creating blogs, large sites covering many keywords, or several smaller sites also known as niche sites, any of the two forms will receive a lot of traffic which will make your auncios ofreceive many clicks adsense or many buyers or customers you refer to any affiliate programs to which you belong, or sell your own products and / or services. This means you generate lots of traffic, traffic make money online, do not forget!
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